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North Employment Law Group
           – Building relationships across the city

Our aim:

Our aim is three-fold:

  1. To grow an organisation that offers practical, bespoke, sound training from experts;
  2. To nurture working and social networks amongst people with a common interest;
  3. To create a member-led body, of benefit not only to its members, but also to the region.

Our ethos:

NWELG is about inclusivity and accessibility: there is no membership fee or criterion of any kind, other than an interest in Employment Law. We simply hope to encourage the building of relationships, the growth of a network and the strength of a community in the North-West region of the UK.

Our motivation:

Welcome to NWELG – a free, regional, member-led group for Employment enthusiasts. Our goal is to provide free membership, training, and networking opportunities across the region.

NWELG is the expansion of the West Midlands Employment Law Group (WMELG), which was the brainchild of a few local lawyers in Birmingham, who saw a real need for a boost in the profile of West Midlands Employment Law those involved in its application and development.  Since the success of the WMELG, we have decided to expand to the North-West region to build a nationwide network of Employment Law professionals!

As “provincial” companies/firms/institutions, we can sometimes feel side-lined, and somewhat of an afterthought in what can be a London-centric arena when it comes to training and networking events. We decided to change that and take some pride in our region and the talents found in it.

Our plan:

Following NWELG launch; we very much hope it will be the first of many successful and well-attended events.

As a group, we will aim to put on several training events throughout the year including quarterly seminars like today, as well as one or two social events to nurture new and existing relationships.

We want to be a member-led group and hope that you, as a member, will buy into our vision for NWELG. Once you have seen today’s event, we will be asking you for feedback as to the types of event and topics you and your firm or institution would like to see next.

Our vision

Once NWELG is established, we have many ideas to explore with our members. For example:

  • Junior to junior training sessions to ensure the relevance of training to the next generation
  • A pro bono element to support those who cannot access advice easily
  • Charitable fund-raising events in order to support regional charities

We need your support and enthusiasm to enable NWELG to put its stamp on the region. Anyone who shares our vision and our excitement for this project is welcome to express an interest in being part of the NWELG Committee: we will be sending a follow up email after this seminar, and if you would like to be involved in the shaping of this Group, then please do get in touch at hello@nwelg.co.uk or tweet us @NWEmpLaw

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